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As long as your kids are in her home they will continue to avoid you as it prevents continued issues with their mother. You continuing to force jt makes it worse as they get a reprieve with you but then go back to it.

Stop forcing it. Let them know you are there and let them come to you. By trying to make them do what you want you are pushing them away. This behaviour is to make YOU feel better not them. Your ex will continue to play this game as long as she knows it bothers you but all you are doing is hurting the kids. Take a break and let them figure it out. They arent hiding or avoiding anything. They are working in self preservation mode. To avoid the abuse from their mother they avoid you. They wont stand up to her because they live with her and they have an emotional attachment. She makes them feel bad for caring about you and they want that to stop. Unfortunately that means hiding in their safe bubble and avoiding everything.

I strongly encourage you to read a familys heartbreak by mike jeffries.
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