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Originally Posted by Alpinist View Post
Many insurance plans do not cover braces for children over 18. I would get an estimate from the insurance companies, specifically asking if braces for children over 18 is covered. Most don't cover Smile Direct also as there is no direct treatment from a dentist. If your daughter is not in school and is working for sure she could contribute a portion.

Insurance companies all have their specific coverage when it comes to braces. For example, some will cover braces only if the treatment "began" prior to a specific age. I would look into the coverage.

My insurances does cover until they are 21.. 25 if in school.. so that is not the issue.. .also they do NOT cover direct smiles

My question is more if the mother no longer qualifies for CS cause the child is over 18 and not in school, can she legally expect us to pay for the braces or pretty much it would be a nice thing to do on our part

Don't get me wrong, we do want her to have braces but right now, given the situation of the mom's common law partner of 10 years not covering the daughter on his insurance and also her not working makes it that it would be too much financially for us at this time.
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