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Originally Posted by Stillbreathing View Post
Thanks Rockscan. Great find. It’s so heartening that this case and the one I originally posted about have come to light. It really does show that judges are finally becoming educated about the consequences of verified domestic violence during divorce proceedings. I have been searching for this type of case since my litigation started 10 years ago. It gives survivors of domestic violence at least some hope that all is not lost when they enter family court. These rulings are long overdue.
This forum is awash with people saying judges removed access (overrode maximum contact) due to domestic violence. It is a go to accusation because it has a long history of working.

This case doesn't sound that unusual, the person ruled against was a piece of work. I fail to see the "halleluiah finally" unless we are talking about the cash payout and I dont know that that is unique.

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