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Yet the rates of domestic violence against women have gone up since the start of the pandemic. And the rates of divorce have also increased. And the courts are backed up preventing many parents from getting support amounts set. Yes your situation sucks for you but are your kids ok? Do they have food on the table? A stable roof over their head? Their parent not being beaten nightly? They arent being apprehended by CAS?

Yes there are plenty of people who take advantage of the system and get away with shit. This is a very disgusting fact. Why are the suicide rates of men so high? I cant answer that. Perhaps it is because men are less likely to seek out support from a mental health professional because of the stigma attached to it. They feel beaten down, ignored and discriminated against. Hence why I said get a therapist.

Not to mention that the many single moms who have a hard life raising kids alone with limited financial and support resources dont complain. You dont hear about it because many of them dont bother or they are trying to feed their kids, keep them safe and make sure they are healthy. Just like men feel down trodden, so do many single moms. Have you read cases of mothers fighting for their kids? Heard stories from food banks, domestic violence shelters and community support groups? The numbers are increasing and the pandemic has had a greater impact on women than men. More women have had to leave their jobs to care for their children and many of them have had to do so with a violent male partner at home. The odds are also stacked against them.

I do have feelings for the challenges family law puts on EVERYONEmen included. However, in many cases a trained therapist can assist in many situations. I have a really REALLY hard time with men who bitch and complain about a situation when it is a case of working through the system or their own misguided decisions. The original poster of this thread was pissed off about his case and refused to actually realize he needs to walk before he runs. An assault charge was laid against him and hes in criminal court. Bitching about the stats related to domestic violence by women is insulting to those women on here who have been abused by their spouse. For you, you married a woman who gamed the system and you. But you havent done anything about it or you may simply be waiting on the courts. Either way, a therapist can help you with your anger and resentment rather than a forum of anonymous posters who have their own problems. Go and talk to someone who can help with realistic strategies rather than coming here and making blanket statements about how women are terrible and men are victims.
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