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Originally Posted by rockscan View Post
Again, while there is a desire to vent, berating people on a forum or shouting into the wind does nothing. Speaking to a qualified professional would be helpful.
Rockscan…. You clearly indicated I need to seek help. Lol you do realize this is a form of berating? Obviously you come from a closed side of the argument… and are unwilling to look at anything beyond what you feel is right. Jensen why others need help and not … maybe… yourself.

I had no intention of posting links to the facts that are easily found through multiple sources throughout the net… one such tool available is called Google. I find solace in doing my own research. It’s human nature to discredit what one says… unless you do your own research. Hence why would I provide the numbers when you could learn for yourself how your own beliefs are not correct. I’ve yet to find credible evidence of the issues woman face in divorce other than they need more money….which can be solved… education and employment. It starts there.

I do agree with some of your last post… why vent on a board such as this? So I ask you why do you post on this board? I hope you have been giving better advice than what you have on this topic. Your facts are all wrong. You never even acknowledged the differences in suicide rates between mothers and fathers of divorce. That’s a serious issue. People just don’t go around killing themselves. There must be a reason.. Don’t you want to know why? Maybe research some of the truth before trying to push your flawed beliefs onto others? Ie get a therapist! Lol great advice!

The system is very much broken and weighted heavily against men. I suggest you utilize some of your time that you spend on this forum (many years as I can see) and research the truth. But first learn how to conduct unbiased research first…then learn to identify biased claims.. Lol I only came on here to try and close my account… (got caught on this darn topic lol) tired of getting updates on bad advice people give on this forum. Just waiting for the webmaster to close my account.
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