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Originally Posted by rockscan View Post
I think this is two decisions...whats best for my finances and whats best for my future. One may be painful now but better in the long term.
I had a brief conversation with my lawyer about this yesterday- because I've been offered an opportunity for advancement and significantly more salary. But my lawyer said based on what he's seen- I should be prepared for my ex to fight harder for shared custody so I would be paying him set-off CS. And I was wondering if it would drive my ex to seek SS where he wasn't before. He said it might. But because we were married <5years, he'd be hard pressed to get it. He was very candid about the fact that when CS flows to the household with more $$$- it makes things much harder to settle.

He advised me to take the job anyways- because it's a significant career advancement. He said just try to hold off on the start date. lol.

All this to say- to the OP- I feel your pain.
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