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Thank you for the good advice NBDad!

Another tactic that I am starting to see develop is that my child is "indicating" that they want to obtain their high school diploma now via an internet website (I am validating the possibility of this at the moment). They "should" have their diploma by next year's school enrollment deadline. Then they wish to pursue college. Even though I am very hopeful, I know my child hates school and that there is a potential that this might be a stalling technique. From what you have indicated NBDad, I am considering sending my ex a registered mail letter indicating the current education plan. I will also state some milestones, like, diploma obtained by Sept 2012, enrollment in post secondary school by Sept 2012. I think that this would be fair, this gives my child a year to get their head on straight. My main concern is that this "hopeful" education planning doesn't go on forever.

Does this sound like a good idea to you NBDad? Do you have any other suggestions for this situation?