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You need to show that you requested FRO's involvement be withdrawn, so yes Registered mail is a very good idea.

I would also recommend following up with a scanned copy via email after she receives the letter. (shown via your tracking number).

If she STILL refuses to communicate, send the letter to FRO for the termination based on the child being 18 and no longer being in school.

IF the child pursues post secondary school full time, then support can be made to continue. If the child is over 18, not enrolled in a full time program, then they are an adult and it's time to put on the big boy/big girl pants.

Expect FRO to give you the run around and refuse the application. That's normal and expected behavior from them. The important part is to DOCUMENT that you tried to follow the proper processes.

Doing THAT is what gives you a shot of having your costs covered and/or the overages in CS reimbursed. You have to show that you took proper steps to settle things in an amicable fashion and without involving the court, and that it was the other party being unreasonable that forced you to.

Do NOT mention court to your ex. It should be a given anyway, and why in the world would you show your hand ahead of time?