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In my situation, my child does not want to pursue post secondary school, they also did not get their high school diploma. My child hasn't lived with the mother for years now, but lives with the grandparents (mom's side).

My thinking is that I want to assist my child in finding a job (will be hard without a high school diploma) as well as help them directly with financial assistance. My thought is that since the child has not been living with the mother, who is collecting the FRO payments, for years now that this approach might be feasible?

From what I am reading from NBDad and your comments, I should get the forms out to the mom and FRO and see what comes of it. Don't get me wrong, I want to support my child, but I have been pushed out of their schooling decisions since we were divorced and now the child is in a poor employment position with the thought being I will be paying for the child to stay home watching tv all day. When I was a kid my dad pushed me to continue my education and find a decent job, this is turning out a bit different that what I had hoped to see.