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Having been to trial where this issue was raised, the answer from both the trial Judge and other Judge who helped us come to a resolution was "NO" as: 1) the Courts do not want the children although of adult age be involved in court proceedings if a parent decided to stop payments when under obligation to pay; 2) Although 18 is the adult age, they are adults but most (not all) still rely on the parent they reside with for financial support especially if attend post secondary school; 3) most at that age need help to budget; 3) it avoid conflicts between the parent and the chidl; 4) they have enough day to day pressure such as worrying about post secondary education, financial issues, and so forth;
The courts do not like to "discontinue" the involvement of FRO.
As explained by the Courts child support payments are for the child's basic necessaties for shelter, food, clothing, and other expenses and not as most (not all) payor thinks for the mother to spend on what she wants although there are cases where that is the case and difficult for Judges to determine.