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Hello ddol1,

Wow, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, I, and I know the rest of the people reading this thread, greatly appreciate the input!

I completely agree with everything you stated, especially doing everything that you can to support your child through adulthood, in order to give them the proper skills to be able to contribute to our society. Unfortuantely, as sad as it is to say, and how much I have tried through the years, will not be doing very well in this particular area. Her mother and I divorced when my daughter was very little (2 years old). So, I cannot attribute any negativety to the divorce, since she has no surface impairment from this event. Through the many years the toll has been taken on my relationship with my daughter, unfortunately, her mother has succeeded in deminishing any of my attempts to aid her in education and any other life skills I have been trying to promote. It is actually a very sad state of affairs between her and I, to the point where I no longer have a connection with her. Her mother, as well as the ex-in-laws, have done nothing but try to put a wedge between her and I, I have fought this for many years. Now that she is older, the preaching that she has been exposed to through the years is showing very strongly. She has no intent on associating any of her time with me.

Ok, so enough about that, my situation now, is that I have no contact with my daughter nor with any side of her mothers family. This is where my point of the question comes in, how long can the CS payments go on? My daughter has no interest in education nor any interest in contributing to society, basically she has no interest in working, nor is she being pushed. She will not be getting her high school diploma, I can see her going back to "attempt" to get it, in order to continue the CS payments. With her being over 18, I now can no longer request her school information. I have been totally shut out of any information about her an her activities. So, in my mind, what signifies the end of the CS payments? Hypothetically, she could continue this role until it becomes "status quo" then I could be paying for her to be sitting at home until who knows when? "A", I love my daughter, but I have a hard time being able to support this lifestyle. Since she turns 18 later this year, I would like to be proactive and submit the FRO "Seize payments" form on the basis of she is no longer a child of the marriage (I don't have anymore proof than that), if that fails, I will have to submit a change to the courts of my divorce papers and leave it up to the judge to determine the next steps. I'd rather not drag this through court. for everyones sake, but I know that the other side will be pushing to continue the CS payments. I feel as if I am between a rock and a hardplace, as I am sure most everyone else on this forum is feeling, our whole system for this really sucks!