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Hey there...
Sorry for the late reply but have had to deal with a few things here. getting on with your post yes you should attempt to file the withdrawal from FRO. Dont expect though for the recipient to just comply... would be nice but from what you have said of the past well...
So then as so you would have to file a motion to vary in the court. There really is no point to doing either until she reaches her 18th. Court will just say what are you doing here its not time yet. In the meantime try to reestablish some contact with your daughter directly. Find out first hand what she is up to these days. Dont got in with letting them know you are looking at ending things. Over the next few months try to get some paper evidence is say she is or is not going to school stuff like that. Dont know how coopertive the recipient will be when it comes to getting those records birth certificates etc. In your motion to vary you can attempt to request through the court to be given copies of such.

FRO attitude as you will hear from many others they will not do anything with out a court order. From a recipients point of view well it somewhat protects thier interests but the unfortunate part is that the way things are the payor has little but to go through all these motions.

Yeah there is an imbalance in regards to being treated equally. Unfair for sure. It would be nice that after all this time in a divorce if everyone could act like grown ups and admit when things have ended for example and well think that is a presumption the law makes but as we all know rarely happens. It is unfortunate too that the system is set up and allows such to go on...keeps the conflict going.

You can go self represented or with a lawyer. But can be done on your owe, less expense too. get as much documentation as you can and be prepared, organised and professional in court. talk further with us and we (many of us here for that matter) can help you sort through the papaer work.