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Never agree to sole custody. It means you are not able to get any information about the child.

All you people need to learn this. It is important. Sole custody has nothing to do with access!

Sole Custody
The children live with one parent, and that parent has the right and responsibility to make major decisions about the child's care, education, religious instruction and welfare. The other parent usually has access to the child.
Joint Custody
The children live primarily with one parent and the other parent spends regular time with the children. However, the parents jointly make decisions about the children.
We all know that in the big scheme of things, the one who has primary care makes all the decisions and is supose to consult with the other parent. Works some times, but only with reasonable parents.

Here is why it is important for all parents to have joint custody:
Custodial parent refuses to tell you about the child's health. You know the child is very sick, and the custodial parent put the kid on medication. Won't tell you, so you go to see the doctor and discuss it. Doctor says "can I see court order that shows you are entitled to this information?" You show court order that shows other parent has sole custody but you have access. Doctor says "sorry you are not entitled to this information" You say but I am the parent and have access. Doctor again says "sorry you don't have any rights to know about the child, go ask the other parent".

You should always demand joint custody.

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