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a-you are not entitled to claim full cost of health and dental to offset arrears in CS

b-I would not put 50% of S. 7 expenses. It should be proportionate, which is more fair, especially if she earns a better wage than you.

c-child support is payable until the child is no longer a child of the marriage...which may or may not be could be sooner, if s/he becomes a parent, or later if they attend university or college...or any other post-secondary education...

d-you have an 11 yr old, yet you only have only sought daytime access and limited access? Why? What is it you are not saying? A standard agreement will have parents take child every second weekend from Friday 8pm to Sunday 6pm, as well as one weeknight from 5-8pm. Holidays are split equally...usually one week to each parent, including Christmas, Spring Break, and Summer holidays...