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First I would like to let you know what the possible consequenses of not agreeing to a reasonable offer to settle can be at trial.

If she wins, then you will be faced with having to pay her double her trial fees. This rule is there to make people think twice about going to trial over nothing.

From what it sounds like you have done your homework, and done the math.

I would counter the offer with a reduce the arrears by the amount that you had already paid. I would also point out that since she is working and had the ability to work all along, that you are only willing to pay for spousal support for a short period of time, and maybe the 3 years would be reasonable. I would also ask to see her financial disclosure.

If the other side is smart, they would agree to make more discussions, and work it out without trial, since if they lose, you get double your trial fees too.

Who had the kids when she was out of the country?