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Originally Posted by Janus View Post
You can always request. The other side may or may not agree to the request. If the other side disagrees, you may need a judge to decide if the postponement is reasonable.

I would like to point out that anybody can sell any property, you just might not be able to sell it for the price you want. If you offer your condo at 20% below market value, it will sell within days. It is possible that it has not sold because of your unreasonable expectations with regards to price.

=>The case here is we have only one matrimonial home to split 50/50. The reason for me to sell my condo is to keep matrimonial home for kid's sake. Due to COVID-19 and tenant not allowing showing, it is very hard to sell condo at ideal price. So do I have to follow separation agreement and sell it at low price?

Since you were the cause of the delay, I would imagine you do whatever is less favourable to you.

==>My ex has accepted to delay the process until the end of June 2021. Child support is calculated based on the estimation of property value, mortgage left. Can I request all those numbers get recalculated based on current market value and current mortgage?

You never need anything from a lawyer. Sometimes though it is prudent to get lawyers involved.

That said, in this case, a legal document to do what exactly?
==>I was thinking about a legal document to clarify the new settlement date and new calculated buy out price, child support to attach to the original separation agreement.
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