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I have a question
So my lawyer submitted an "offer " to settle around early - mid December.
She said she served it.
She put a condition that If the other party doesn't reply by January 4,2016. Or makes any changes to the offer Then they'll have to pay all costs here on.
The offer was very basic, I didn't ask for anything extra. (bi-weekly 'parenting-time' (access) with me, joint custody) - even for CS, my income for 2015 is 0 and 2016 is probably 8000 due to an injury and being on OW. but I agreed to pay from my 2014 salary at 225/month which i can't even afford :/
- There's only custody involved.

Is this offer binding?if she doesn't reply? Her lawyer and my lawyer were on the same page.
I haven't received anything. Am I going to be served or is my lawyer going to update me?

Also she wants to come pick up ner stuff, I'm in my parents' house and so is her stuff. I don't want her to come, most likely she'll cause issues, false accusations? I mean it's better to keeping my distance,right?

She's also asking for the birth certificate for B3 am I obligated to give the original or a copy should suffice?

Thank you
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