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I was late for filing my amended motion to change before because the lawyer was out of the office sick and i didn't get her consent in it wasn't my fault but I had to file forms 14B and 14A with an explanation as to why I was late. The judge then gave me permission to file.

I'm guessing that's probably what I need to do again?

I'm just worried that because I already had to ask for permission before that he won't be very understanding...even though the last time was because of the other side.

I'm hoping that if I go in with my motion materials with the forms 14B and 14A first thing tomorrow morning that he'll accept.

I do need to know though if the lawyer has followed procedure for summary judgment though because it doesn't make sense that I should have until may 14th to respond but she wants my response case she wants to cross examine is her excuse. It doesn't make sense to me...unless I'm not understanding the rules and procedures or not reading the right information. I'm tired of this lawyer bullying me and getting away with it.

Also, the court clerks here are saying that I have to go in with 3 copies of everything, swear them, then sign each copy, leave one with them, serve one, keep one. I thought that I should be going in with one copy, swear, then take that sworn copy to be copied, serve one copy of the sworn original and keep one copy, then file that original sworn copy with my affidavit of service. They say that's not the way to do it, that once I swear they have to keep it and I can't leave with the original.

Am I right? Or am I crazy for thinking that 3 identical documents but each signed separate are not exact copies? I hope I explained that right.

It's unbelievable how many mistakes I've discovered in my case! For example, the lawyer I had in the beginning filed parts of my motion to change with the court as ontario court of justice when we're in superior court...and some of those documents didn't even have our court file number on them and were missing pages but they still got filed!!
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