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Thanks guys. This forum is super helpful. Wish I looked it up 6 months ago. Anyway, still wondering if my tracking will help anything. I basically built a calendar in Excel and it has her coming and going everyday for the last 6 months. It shows daily how many hours she either left the kids with me or someone else so she could go out. Every day is supported with screenshots of text messages and emails from my phone or my kids phones with her saying she will be out. I have messages from 4am with me asking her to come home so I can go to work. I have one from my son's phone where she asks him to ask his friends if he can sleep at their house so she can go for a sleepover. I feel sort of dirty using my kids phones to prove she is not there for them when I'm at work. I hope my kids never find out and will forgive me if they do. Will this have any impact with a judge?
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