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Hmm... interesting situation. I would imagine - in any normal relationship - the partner with the "better" benefits is the one that maintains coverage for the family. Therefore whether it's your or your wife, or the ex and his wife... each household should have the best benefits package available to the children. After all, if each parent is to provide coverage, then they are to do just so - whether it be through their own benefits or throug benefits available to them through their spouse. Just my two cents.

As for special and extraordinary expenses (such as extracurricular activities that necessitate high travel costs for tournaments or expensive equipment; medical and dental costs not covered by benefits) they should be split 50/50 between the parties, and all other expenses (such as extracurricular activities like swimming lessons or karate; day-to-day school necessities) are covered by child support. I don't see why a judge would not order your wife's ex to pay her back the child support she paid for the child that is living with you. I think it's time you get the support order re-evaluated, if not for financial reasons, then for peace of mind.

Good luck to you!
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