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Sigh, this is still ongoing. My ex's pleadings have now been struck for contempt therefore it has been proceeding without him. He brought another motion to be let back into the proceedings so now it is adjourned until a judge makes a ruling whether to let him into the trial which was proceeding as a summary trial(only my evidence and pleadings).

His intial motion that you are inquiring about tried to argue trial issues(equalization, net family property, Child support, business issues(joint business) in a long motion(2 hrs) instead of cross examination and full financial disclosure by him. He also argued FOR access that he did win but has not taken regularly(and now refuses to see our son at all, like before) since he won it. Changing access was a power trip for him I see now, as he has seen him less than 20% of the time awarded to him 11 months ago, and I just got an email saying he isn't going to see him going forward now too.

I wish he was either in my son's life OR out, not this limbo that my son is going through. It is truly sad.