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hi there i feel for matter how angry ex spouses are with eachother (mine had anger issues to) children should never be a firm believer we all get what we deserve in the end and your child will know you did what was best for them......i made an offer to settle within 6 months of separation although everyone around me except my lawyer said not to do so....i do have representation but soon I will have to represent myself as Im paying for my home all my kids expenses with not much help from the ex.....all my family and friends told me dont give him more now when you did everything for him and paid for almost everything during the marriage but its worth it just to move on so if you can live with offering to make a settlement i suggest you do it so you can move on from dealing with those jerks...the ex and that judge....judge sounds like an must have lots of patience because i think i would have ended in contempt of court based on how youve been responded to..take care