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Originally Posted by pinkHouses View Post
Sorry, that doesn't work with some personality types. It is like you have never benefited by a negative experience with such a person.

It is good advice but here is a better modified version: take out the part about "social worker" that keeps your lawyer from getting on the wrong side of them and keeps them out of a pinch.

It is also good advice for any dealings where you do not know the person and they are looking to take an authoritative stance that they are not entitled to take without the correct paper work. Deflect, remove yourself from the disagreement. It really depends on knowing the person you are dealing with.

Lying to you Case Worker about you sending your kids to school or not is a bad move but something like this to protect yourself is smart. As you read Iona ran into a CAS worker that threatened them. Not a person I would want to be dealing with without record of the conversation.
lol. they did not threaten me- when I put quotes around something it usually means I'm paraphrasing.

They flat out indicated that it wasn't safe to take my kid back to an environment where a threat was made. That's not a threat- it's good child protection.

I'm with blink- don't like to a CAS worker. Don't lie to anyone who has influence on what may happen with your kid(s)- more times than not- you'll get caught out.

Personally- I found CAS really helpful and kind to work with.
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