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Originally Posted by Kart321 View Post
CAS had given me a disclaimer saying they don't deal with access and custody which is why I didn't bother asking. I have never dealt with CAS before. They seemed bombarded with cases when I called them about my son so I don't want to take up their time anymore than I absolutely have to. But thank you for your input.
CAS reports are used in courts for access.

The way CAS runs is that they are like little franchises, the more cases they get the more money they get, that doesn't mean that they do not employ caring and competent Social Workers. A results based thing as I see it. A cynical but accurate view.

Don't feel bad about "bothering" them about this. Your concern and query is legitimate and important, you don't have a choice but to enquire.

Doesn't your ex care about this type of abuse? No matter who the abuser was I would be enraged at the abuser and on the lookout for protecting my child if the abuse was proven. Hidden cameras, the works if I suspected something.
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