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pinkHouses has a little shameless behaviour in the past

Here is a bit from the case:
The next physical assault occurred on a November 2008 evening in Brampton. After coming home intoxicated, the Father accused the Mother of flirting with their mutual male friend who had been over earlier that day to help fix a computer. After hurling verbal accusations, the Father slapped the Mother, grabbed her by the neck, pulled her hair bun, and strangled her, stating he would “teach her a lesson” and questioning, “Will you do it again? Will you do it again?” The abuse ended when the Mother struggled free and ran to the kitchen, gasping for air and in need of water. The Father eventually passed out.
that was a sample.

Huh? As far as I know abuse has always been looked at by the Family Law Courts, there are plenty of posts about domestic violence charges, stalking etc being brought in. What are you referring to?

I thought you were all ready to settle and get this done and over with but with all those posts looking for people to support you I doubted.

There is all sorts of abuse, basically gaslighting / lying is also a form of violence under Family Law. Threatening to kill pets etc or destroy someone's finances too. those are the type of things not looked at so intently until the last couple of years. The stuff that that guy did has always been looked down upon. Anyone care to expand?
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