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Originally Posted by bmw1122 View Post
Thank you for the amazing resources on this forum.
I tried to find this topic but nothing was definitive.

My STBX is asking for B3 birthday birth certificate. She has a photo copy and is asking for the original.
Do I have to give it to her?

She's asking for her items. Which I don't mind giving back but I. Don't want to deal with her in a private setting. All her items are in storages, not even at my parent's house. I asked her what exactly but she doesn't even know what items and clothing.

Lastly, we'll have our 2nd court date in a month. Initially she wasn't allowing me to meet my son. her lawyer advised her it would be in her best interests to let him see me only for 6 hours biweekly, kind of babysitting while she's at work. Even the times are what she said. I have to drive 1-1.5 hours right by her house. So i get late by 20-30 minutes depending on traffic, weather but usually on the way back. So now she's saying if im late even when dropping she will forfeit this agreement and not let me see him.

What should I say for all these, are there due processes?

Thank you for your time
On the birth certificate, each parent has a right to have an use it as needed. As there can only be one it must be shared between the parents. Ideally the child's documents travel with the children, or if one parent for some bizarre reason feels they have some kind of ownership of the documents they would at minimum provide them to the other parent on request. If you really can't sort out sharing it amongst yourselves then swap the documents annually by even /odd years as the primary holder.

Originally Posted by Berner_Faith View Post
Stop being late. Leave sooner if you have too. That's an easy one to solve.

Give her items back, that has already been told to you, your story changes because first you said the items are at your parents and now you are saying a storage unit. If they are in storage meet her at this public location and let her get her items... why is that so hard?

If she has majority access why do you have his birth certificate. .. that part makes no sense... you haven't met you son until recently but have his birth certificate?

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Agreed. Give her her things back. All of them. Why bother trying to sort through it and dole out individual items? It's hers, give her all of it. You have no need to be in her presence to exchange her belongings. Make them available and have a third party meet there to meet her. Problem solved.

As for being late, you've agreed to the time, be on time. No, it's not fair that she'd threaten to remove access for you being late. But that's pretty much what you've agreed to so go to court and have a proper schedule set, and in the up on time.

Originally Posted by bmw1122 View Post
Berner_Faith. All you're doing is giving your opinion while making accusative statements without stating what the proper due process is. I kindly request please do not respond to my posts as you jump to conclusions without clarifying what you clearly are not understanding. Thank you
That's not really the way public forums work. Everyone is welcome to post their thoughts, opinions and advice as long as it is done respectfully - even if you don't agree with it. And anyone can post on any thread, as long as it is done respectfully.

The more information you give, the more detailed responses you will get.
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