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Originally Posted by involveddad75 View Post
It's people like that, that help make our justice system so flawed.

My lawyer told me one month before trial, that I was going to lose. Then told my parents I was going to lose, then told me to remove her from the case or she would remove herself.

Well I did just that. I removed her, prepared for trial and did it all myself.
I had the help of a support group and a lawyer who just helped formulate the questions for the OCL. and I did practice questioning with some friends.

In the end the OCL's report didn't have any weight.
In my opinion I couldn't give up fighting for equal shared parenting and joint custody. Everyday I put our children to bed, I would think to myself I can't give up, if I lose, I have to be able to look in or children's eyes and say to them when they say why didn't you fight. That I did.
I know it's silly but thats what got me through the days.
Would our child ever ask the question who knows, but it's wat got me through it.
Good job. I am glad you had some help