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Default Access & Visitation Restrictions

I've had an ongoing battle with DH ex-gf ...Regretably she is a crack addict & alcoholic in an emotionally abusive relationship and there is ongoing RCMP & MCFD involvement associated with her young stepson.

We've had custody of DH children for 2-3 years and there has been a scheduled visitation and access agreement. Ex was ordered to attend mediation services re: telephone access and she did not follow through, therefore in breech of order. On one occassion she's conversed with the children via telephone while intoxicated and also contacted the children @ school via telephone during school hours.

We did give her two opportunities for visitation where she was dishonest about the Hotel they were staying, she exposed the children to family with criminal tendacies and MCFD was prepared for removal and she attempted to keep the children in her care for a longer period of time than we'd agreed.

Nov '07 She's had RCMP/MCFD child safety concern associated with the stepson while in her care. Ex moved to local transition house where she resides to this day... 2.5 months later and counting! MCFD Supervision Order applied.

Dec '07 MCFD recommend we only allow supervised visitation.

Jan '08 FRA Judge granted suspension of all visitation/access until Jan 29th... unless all parties make an agreement by consent, another date would be set for hearing. I assume the Judge would want to reinstate some access to the children before our hearing date.

My question is.... Telephone access is difficult because to have it supervised I'd have to take the whole family (4 kids in all) across town and sit around for up to 1 hour while they converse. What are the alternatives??

- I fully intend to request supervised visitation, days only.
- Restrict all access to the children during school hours.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.