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There has been no material change. There is no fraud, mistake or lack of notice.

The issues are Child Support, Spousal Support and the value of a home purchased just 6 months before we separated. The conflict of interest motion hearing I won against my Ex's first lawyer was simply a failed attempt by my ex to destroy me. It took me 7 months, but I won that motion hearing and that's where I accumulated my first $40K in debt. The rest has been since I hired my current lawyer in January 2009. He finally paid me my cost order in September 2009, but like I said if you know anything about NewMarket, you incur costs because of the nightmare in the way that place is run. We were adjourned several times and none of my motions have been heard, including the contempt order. He finally buckled and paid some of it, and that's when I got an interim order for Child support reduced by his claim for Spousal support.