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Default Help escalating sending info to Judge

So we had a motion last March 2021 and the Judge gave the Respondent 15 days to provide additional info or a Final Order would be given and provided soon after April 15, 2021.

We have received an Endorsement/Order from the Judge in March 2021 stating that the Respondent to send all additional requested info via email to and if required the Applicant (us) to respond by April 15, 2021 via If no response the Judge would write a final order immediately after. The Respondent did not abide by the order and nothing was sent as requested by the Judge. has refused to pass info on for us as per the Court Order and the Court Clerk for the Judge who sent the Endorsement has now told us to file a Form 14B Motion which we already had a motion and are waiting for the Final Order.

How do we escalate this situation to find out when the Final Order will be written.
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