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Also, I do have a few friends who, outside of the court system but with the help of lawyers, drafted a separation agreement where prospective Spousal Support and Child Support was a "lump sum" that basically equalled one spouse's half of the equity so they agreed to sign over the house and not pay any SS or CS. You could also structure it that you owe your spouse $900 a month in SS and CS and they owe you $900/month in equalization payment for the value of the house so both cancel each other out. You need to do the math on what is fair for both of you. Keep in mind you are dividing *all* assets so pensions, car values, bank accounts etc all have to be divided. Both of you should fill out Form 13.1, 13B and 13C to make sure you fully understand your financial picture in the contact of Ontario Family Law. Those forms are available at:
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