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It doesnt matter if she consents or not. This is a section 7 expense but its not the same as skating or soccer. She doesnt have to agree to an activity but she will have to contribute to school expenses. The only question will be if she would be forced to pay her share of going away. Then if she refuses to pay, kid bears the brunt of the costs.

This needs to be kept in mind and should be part of a discussion with your child. If mom refuses to pay her share, what is kid prepared to do? Kid should also be having this discussion with mom. Being with her 50/50 means they know her finances and what she is or isnt doing. Kid is old enough to ask mom flat out if she is prepared to pay her share. Otherwise kid will have to pay the rest. Mom could be saying oh your dad will cover it which isnt true.

It sounds more like you need to have a very frank discussion with your son and be prepared for him to be unhappy. Despite the fact this is your ex creating this problem, you have to be the grown up. You need to impress upon him that he will need to have at least $10,000 a year to contribute whether or not that comes from OSAP. Is kid going to get a job during the school year? Work full time through the summer?
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