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Originally Posted by Gilligan View Post
Thank you momof2teenboys,

I have sent a note. This has been my standard practice over the years, however the tactic that's often been used (sadly with a great deal of success) is that she did not consent and should not pay her share of the cost. In my case, there has been no response yet, however she is telling the child that she fully supports it, i believe this is just a legal tactic to state before court that she did not agree.
So give her a short amount of time to respond. If you don’t hear anything within a few days sent another email.
“I haven’t received an answer from you regarding child’s enrolment at A school. Can you please respond back by end of the week or we will have to look into the option of child attending B school in the fall instead.”

And yes, be prepared that your child will attend their second choice. Unless mom provides the consent needed there won’t be any choice. Get your numbers ready for school B and talk to you child about the change. If it really means that much to child to attend school A then he’ll have to get loans to pay the difference.
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