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Originally Posted by Brampton33 View Post
I find that there is such needless animosity between divorced parents, and it often can be de-escalated by simple acts of courtesy. It takes a second to send a text or email to say "Child's next doctor appointment is X date, you are welcome to attend." Likely the ex won't attend unless there are serious concerns to discuss with doc. Then after appointment, simply send a text or email giving update on how it went, and the date of any next scheduled appointments. Takes a second, and saves headaches. Plus, if you are in court, looks good on you for proactively keeping ex informed, and ex can't use that you aren't against you.
It's also de-escalated by giving up control over certain appointments. D4's dad and I alternate routine appointments and send emails on the outcome of the appointments. Although- dad usually asks that I take her and update him on the medical stuff. I'm okay with that.
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