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Originally Posted by Alpinist View Post
I agree. He's not being honest and needs to pay her back. However figuring it out on the insurance side might prevent future insurance payments to the wrong person. Adding a note/letter when she submits the claims under her husbands policy could prevent the insurance company from paying it under her exs policy by mistake. Sounds like that is what is happening.

I have been over it with this insurance company a thousand times. They wont break policy - primary insurance has to be reimbursed no matter who pays out. They have notes on file, they have evidence of who paid it out (its on the receipts), theyve sympathized with me....but they dont consider it a mistake at all that they would reimburse his plan only. I guess they assume that reasonable and moral people wouldnt try to collect money they didnt actually pay out. They told me the only way to have any of it changed involves the bio dads cooperation - and thats why I have this huge problem. It sucks for the parents who are dealing with a high-conflict ex.

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