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Originally Posted by ifonlyihadknown View Post
Ah, yes, the old "you agreed as a couple" justification for being forced to pay for an ex-spouse who spent years slacking off and wants to continue to do so after the marriage ends.

If you ask you spouse to go back to work, for example after the kids start school, and they say, "no thanks, I'm good." What are you supposed to do? Poke them with a cattle prod every morning to get them to look for a job and go to work?

IMO, it's a case of putting all the responsibility for one spouse and none for the other.

Had she kept her Govt Job....or went back and 1 kid could have been babysat or daycare.

She would be making $80k/year vs $37,000.

That job would have been a $800,000 pension now...

She will probably go after my pension.

She has a college degree and is working as a secretary ???

I told her maybe she should call her old boss ...but she likes having Summers off and lots of spare time for leisure activities.

It's not fair as I work 12 hour shifts.....for 25+ years now supporting the whole household.

She needs to step up and get a better job....her current job is beneath want she is capable of.

In the same vein I could take a job pumping gas or working at Walmart.....BUT not allowed To do that.

I only want a fair deal for both of us.
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