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This is interesting to me, and helpful.

My ex and I are heading towards a case conference. My lawyer is very diligent - he writes well, he's concise, and he follows the rules. The application and subsequent reply were clean and clear.

My ex's answer was a bit of a mess. Instead of identifying what claims he agreed/disagreed with, or parts thereof, he addressed my supporting paperwork. He definitely wrote it, entirely. I am not blaming him - I understand the emotion. The problem is that it doesn't look like his lawyer even read it. It is inconsistent, sloppy, disordered, etc, but most important, it doesn't address any of my claims and doesn't offer any support for his.

I know that the judge will only look at the application, answer, and reply if he/she wants clarification, but based on everything else we have received, this is looking like a trend that will continue on the brief. His lawyer is pasting his unedited words onto her letterhead and signing it, but not much else.

The question is: how badly can this hurt me at the case conference or anything else going forward, if at all? I am a little worried...