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Originally Posted by Mess View Post

Pay close attention: If she enters the premises, you feel threatened. Don't forget that. This will give you cause for a restraining order. Don't argue, don't hesitate, don't be strong and tough, just call the police and state that a crazy ex-girlfriend just broke into your house and is threatening you. Don't say anything about being married, just get her out and file for a restraining order immediately. Don't be brave and calm and explain that this is your separated wife and you would like the police to tell her to leave. Think about what I'm saying here.
Wow. This is shocking advice.

To the original poster I suggest you do not engage in this tactic as;

1) it's fabricated and dishonest
2) it will set the tone for the rest of your divorce process.
3) will cost you more in legal fees and emotional stress then it's worth.
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