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Default Give up kids?

After everything I have been through. The cheatting, the money stolen, the lies upon lies upon lies. An ex who claimed after having children with me, "parenting wasn't his cup of tea; that is was life changing", I have exhaustedly raised these children on my own (the most exhausting part, which will surely get easier now). Where am I going with this?

He has a ton of money (g/f and him) work for her brother. A very very very wealthy owner/builder. Lot's of under the table perks so s/s and c/s don't increase. Lives like a king, but says he only makes x number of dollars.

Anyhow, I am off again. Things are looking very badly. The children, I love, adore, worship, I may have to ask ex to take from me and raise. The guy who didn't want them for an extra night, when he lives two minutes away. Me in a tiny house, him in a very HUGE HOUSE. I don't care about his house. He didn't want the kids. Not one arguement about them EVER in court. I wanted them, he said o.k. But, without having got a job and GOD KNOWS I HAVE TRIED AND TRIED AND TRIED, I am now broke (exhausted all my money), running into debt and might have to ask him to raise his kids. I don't even know where I could go to live.

My life is a mess. It is so complicated and why.

My kids, my kids. Why, why is this happening?

Have you ever had to ask someone (ex) to take your children from you and raise them because you couldn't afford them?
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