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Originally Posted by dman24man View Post
hey there, im new to this site. i have been fighting a year and a half long court battle with my ex wife who has tried to keep me from seeing our daughter. The Office of the childrens laywer got involved and their report suggests joint custody and access every other weekend from friday pick up at school to monday drop off at school and every wednesday from after school to thursday morning drop off. the interim order based on her lies gave me access every other weekend from saturday morn to sunday eve at 5pm and every wednesday from 3:30 to 7pm. My ex has dragged out everything with stall tactics and i really want to start having more time with her. it is probably going to trial but in the meantime do you think it is worth my putting in a motion to change the temporary access order so i have more time with her until the trial date. i have read up on only one case and it was denied but it was asking for a residency change and not just more time. problem is she has a laywer and i dont so if i lose i will have to pay her lawyer. any advice would be so appreciated.
It all depends where you as of trial date. At least you should not have problem to have what OCL recommend. It really hard to give you move detailed advise as a lot of info required for that is unknown.

read this - it may give you some ideas.