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What gets me is that we negotiated back and forth through e-mails until we came up with something we both agreed on. I don't know if they would have any value in court but they would show that both of our conditions were put into the agreement, it wasn't one sided. The only stipulation I had for my son was that he be enrolled in a school which she has not followed through on. Now she decides that she wants to void it, I wish I could do the same with the marriage contract.

I don't think she realizes how much court time this will take up. Since she would most likely have to spend a lot of time here, she wouldn't be able to fly in every time we go to court, about $2k round trip. If she stays in the country she would have to bring my son back with her. I also have an adult son who is staying with them but he is not a legal guardian so I would protest if she left my younger son with my older one while we are in the courts.

Arabian, waiting until my son is back here before re-negotiating is a good idea since the custody is part of the agreement. This way the custody battle will be based on Canadian law.