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Originally Posted by Janus View Post
I'm going to dissent here.

If he is paying full table CS plus proportional s7 expenses, then that represents the sum total of his responsibilities to the children. Anything that he does above and beyond paying the CS is awesome, but optional.

If you are receiving table CS, then you are the parent. If you want the money, you need to accept the obligations that come along with the cash. If you want your ex to be a parent with responsibilities, then change your arrangement to one of shared custody.

If his regular (and, to most of us, bewildering) refusal to use access is causing you a problem, go to the courts to fix that. Until then, it is your problem.

I don't agree. Child support and access/custody are two seperate things. Every person is responsible for financially supporting their children. That's a given.

If he is supposed to have visitation but refuses his visit I suggest documenting these occurances. Once day when the kids are bigger and if he suddenly shows interest in his children you will have a documented history of his previous disinterest.