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I do not think you have to include the stocks or be forced to include this into your income for respective income tax especially if they remain as an assest.

You will have to include same when you actually do collapse the investment. This would be their time to vary the child support not before.

Its a case of putting the wagon before the horse. They are an asset not an income at the current time. Would you include the value of RSP's or pensions as income even though you have not cashed them in.

Payable Child support is generally calculated from PAST income not future. No one can foresee into the future.

Sounds like they are attempting to bully or coerce you into upping your income by including the stocks as potential income for payable child support purposes.

Remember this also, if an order is in place with this higher amount, you will have to take the matter back to court to vary the order to reflect your actual earnings once things settle down.

Keep a stance.