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Originally Posted by catchison View Post
OSAP is only awarded to children if the parents haven't the means to pay themselves so don't hold your breath on that one.
Catchison is correct. OSAP is designed to help out low income students/families who have no other means to attend a post secondary educational program.

If the child has access to any RESP, savings, parents with $$$$, then he/she wouldn't qualify for OSAP.

I would suggest a student loan/line fo credit from a financial institution such as a Bank.

Originally Posted by catchison View Post
Right now it is very difficult if not impossible for kids to find jobs in this economy so don't be too tough on the student whose main job is to get an education so they are self supporting.
Again, I agree. If the child is a serious student, then being forced to work while attending school can be stressful and their studies can suffer. However, many, many, many people have to work while at school, and they manage to do just fine.

Having your parents pay for some/all of your post secondary education is a LUXURY that most kids just don't get...

If a "nuclear family" is able to afford to help, then that's great, if they can't, then they can't.

Yet after a divorce, the Government dictates that the parents MUST provide financial assistance to their adult children. Doesn't seem fair to me.

Originally Posted by catchison View Post
Second wives should really not get too involved in these matters. It just infuriates the first wives, upsets the kids, and results in big legal fees that could be going to the childs education. First families can usually detect the hand of the second wife in these conflicts so best to be as fair as possible.
I agree and disagree with this statement.

Yes, having your ex's new spouse interfere in your life can be frustrating and annoying.

But what affects the second wives husband, affects the second wife. And it is understandable that she would want to protect and help her man.

Sometimes it's best if the first wife can get over her jealousy and try to see things from the other side as well.