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Default Case Conference Info Request

Thank you logical velocity. We use Merry Mount Agency services for Supervised Exchange because ex girlfriend won't let me pick up my son at her house. This is the way my ex is after a major argument.She would say you can't see your son because you did this or said that. Usually after a few days we would start talking again and then I could see my son again. This time it was a bigger argument. After not letting me see him for a month I said I would have to take her to court. We don't live together and at present have equal access to him. Their has never been any question about my parenting ability. On an almost daily basis I would go to her house for several hours to spend time with my son. We both worked together to take care of him. We just couldn't seem to get along on a regular basis. When I hired my lawyer I told him I wanted to see my son as frequently as possible. Simply because I had seen him since birth on an almost daily basis. The only reason my ex gave my lawyer and the judge for denying me access was that during our last argument I questioned her parenting ability and called her names. She did also mention that I was Bipolar. We have been together for 8 years and she has known this all along. I have been stable and well with the help of Meds and Therapy for some years. I am also the Treasurer of the Mood Disorders Group I attend. My Lawyer gave the Judge a letter from my Psychiatrist and his 80 page resume. I have been under the care of my Doctor since 1994. The letter said I was Stable,well and posed no problem spending time with son etc.. The Judge said that after reading my Doctor's paperwork me being Bipolar was not an issue. He then gave the 2 day,3 hours per day ruling. Also he gave an 8/8/06 date for a Case Conference. My lawyer said I would definitely get more access but for now we have to take small steps to get their. I would appreciate any input you might have with this matter.