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I have lived through this.

Yes you need a third party to make the arrangements, this does not mean you need her permission to pick up your daughter at daycare, she can refuse all she likes. Simply have your 3rd party "tell" her that is what you are doing. The same goes for everything else. Unless you have a custody order in place you do not have to accpet what her or her lawyer says about access, stop asking for permission.

In most cases you can park 300 meteres down the road and your children may simply walk to you for your time with them, I did. I had a family court judge over turn the "criminal" undertaking to allow me to pick up children at the home.

When in the position of being in a situation like you are and I was, one must be very careful, until being proven innocent at trial. Many women use this as a tool, to gain the upper hand, you do not have to permit this, however you must strictly adhere to the conditions, but I doubt there is anything that doesn't permit you from having the access your children deserve.