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Originally Posted by Mess View Post
WorkingDad, I realize that your intent is to be helpful, but you are posting the entire COPYRIGHTED article. This is a violation of the law and can get the owners of the message board in trouble (and yourself if you care.)

The proper way to use copyrighted material is to post a small portion, no more than 10%, you add your own editorial comment (this is part of the qualifications of "Fair Use") and then add a link to the original article. This protects you, protects the message board, and is helpful to readers.

If you were not clear, the article is Copyright (c) 2009 Canadian Journal of Family Law, which is visible if you google the article and check.
I actually was thinking about that but did not find info how properly to deal with it...

thank you for pointing out Mess - will not happened again... Probably better to delete post.

Another things what I would like to clear how you can use thouse articles in your court materials? Like factum for example. Reffering to it. How that copyright law work here?