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Default has been a year since I first created this thread.

1. I received joint custody for both boys...the judge was adamant to my ex that she not interfere in the day - day aspects such as was occurring (and noted in the original post), but didn't go so far as to award sole custody.

2. Things settled down for quite some time, until Thanksgiving...after that she arranged for my oldest to visit and stay over more frequently and declared at end of November that he was living with her FT and that was his decision. He has basically been staying there ever since and visits at my place with a couple of stay overs.

3. I am back in court in a few weeks to work through that oldest will wish to stay with her and child support will kick in from me to her.

4. The youngest only visits her every 2 - 3 weeks for a few hours at a time. I found out (this week) she is constantly belittling me during those visits and telling him he can come and stay with her - this is not in his best interest for lots of reasons (between him and her).

In court to get sole custody of the youngest again based on defacto custody, little involvement on her part and verbal and emotional abuse towards him - he has come home several times saying he never want to see her again and last week, she was an hour late getting him home and she needed to 'chat ' with him - he was really upset about the 'lessons' she need to teach him, but would not give details until the last day or so.

Do I stop access until we go to court? (Probably 1 or 2 more visits before the court date), or will that be seen in a bad light by the judge?

I believe I have a strong case for sole custody of the youngest and joint of the oldest (he is 16 soon, so his wishes are more appropriate).

I find it really frustrating that she can ignore existing final orders, have minimal visits, be abusive and still think she can have the boys (it is all about the money, not their best interest) as I know she would stop working if she had them both, but does not 'parent' them as I have in the past and currently.

IN the original court case she was the applicant and said the boys would live with me - which is what is on the Final Order.