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Default Children's Bennefits

Thanks for the information.

So I guess its pretty safe to say that if a child doesn't reside with the parent for half a year but the previous agreement stated 12 post dated cheques and the parent that is recieving CS collects the money for him/herself a judge would not look to kindly on that person?

Is it best to continue paying and let the other parent collect a pay cheque even though they and their lawyer have stated in letters that they understand that the child wishes to reside with that parent and will not contest it?

How is it in the best interests of the children if you knowingly send $ to another parent who doesn't contribute and the child doesn't reside with that parent? Just because one parent was awarded primary residency in a joint custody arrangement shouldn't the children have to reside with that parent for them to retain primary residency?

It seems to me that this parent is collecting the money to try to use as a negotiating tactic while a new parenting agreement is being arranged!
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