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Originally Posted by LovingDad1234 View Post
Yes, speaking with a lawyer will help.

But it is strongly recommended for 350Mag to speak with a therapist or separation coach as soon as possible to avoid going on tangents with lawyers about how he feels what is transpiring or will transpire is unfair. The lawyer will gladly listen, even schedule further meetings, and next thing you know 350Mag will get sent a $2500 invoice for a few meetings where it was a one-way conversation with nothing to show for it....
I ain't gonna waste my time bitching anymore.

It's done.

I got 28.5 years with her.

We are going to be able to hammer out a deal....

She isn't greedy, neither am I.

Now can she be persuaded to go for more by friends, family or lawyer.


That's why I haven't yelled at, got angry, and have kept it civil.

We both want to do right by our kids

The kids are with me.

We used a Family Law spousal support calculator.

Agreed on an amount.

She is happy...

We are going to sit down with a mediator with all our finances in 2 months

I said I will pay for our youngest post secondary when that comes, IF she stays committed to the amounts we agreed on.

I don't have a problem paying for the education because I would be regardless IF we were still together or not.

If she wants more per month she will have to help pay for education.

She understands that until we get a court order that I cannot claim Spousal support for tax.....and she is getting tax free money

As far as the house, me and the kids are in it for at least 1.5-2 years .

I am going to be responsible for maintaining small stuff, taxes and Insurance to offset what she pays in rent for her place

I said IF she ends up living in house she will get the same amount of time with same deal.

We are hoping to just sell it in 2 years and split 50/50.

As far as all other assets...50/50.

Pensions will be addressed through mediator.

She realizes she has more "credits" than me....

We will be fine....

1 day at a time....

She hurt me....but I hurt her first.

No one is innocent and we are both to blame for the breakdown in the marriage
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